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We are excited to announce Baruch November as our featured poet for January 2020.

Baruch November has taught courses in Shakespeare, poetry and writing at Touro College in Manhattan for more than a decade. His poetry and short fiction have been featured in Paterson Literary Review, Lumina, Mew Myths, The Forward, Jewish Journal and Poetica, and his collection of poems entitled “Dry Nectars of Plenty” co-won BigCityLit’s chapbook contest in 2003. His recent full-length collection of poetry is entitled “Bar Mitzvah Dreams.” Stephen Dobyns called the poems of that collection, “powerfully made with strong beginnings and surprising conclusions.” November comes from a family of poets, and he has lived in many cities in the U.S, but currently resides in Washington Heights, New York.

As always, following our featured poet, will be the open mic, so put a poem in your pocket and come read with us.

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