1. Medical Mysteries of the BBT

In this Retro Detectives kit, participants will follow the clues in order to discover the mysterious illness that has stricken the protagonist of their story, coming to understand the dangers of the “bends” and how this affected labor in Brooklyn.

  1. The Strange, The Forgotten, and the Sublime: A Coney Island Tour

In this Retro Detectives kit, participants will use their ticket to the past to discover the strange, the bizarre, and the sublime secrets of Coney Island’s history. As they explore the various objects and pull apart the clues, they will gain an understanding of what made it so iconic.

  1. The Missing Good Luck Charm of Emily Roebling

​​​​​​​In this Retro Detectives kit, the participants will decode clues related to engineering and the building of the Brooklyn Bridge to rediscover Emily Roebling’s good luck charm and unlock its secrets.

  1. Brooklyn Born: Equality for All

​​​​​​​In this Retro Detectives kit, participants will use the art and music of the Civil Rights movement in Brooklyn to gain a new perspective on how Brooklyn culture became what it is today: diverse and outspoken. 

Retro Detectives is made possible by the New York Life Foundation.

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